French Oak Table Progress

3 Apr 2018
French Oak Table Progress This is a work in progress, a French Farmhouse style table
with super figuring in the oak timbers and boards being prepared for a bespoke finish.
It will feature a self storing extension to enable seating for two extra guests.

Faking Lichen on New Lime Render

6 Nov 2017
Faking Lichen on New Lime Render A "Before " shot of a recent commission to use paint effects
to match original patination on areas of new lime render on an
18C property outside Bath. "

And "After "

6 Nov 2017

Wall Sculpture for a Glass Link Building

10 Mar 2017
Wall Sculpture for a Glass Link Building Jane conceived the idea of a glass horse head for refracting a beam of light from the floor of a glass link building where power could not be run into existing stone pillars. The building links an old stable to main house so an equestrian sculpture was appropriate.
Jane modelled first the head in clay, then she cast it in fireproof plaster before it was packed round with clear glass for a slow kiln firing.
Finally the piece was diamond polished.

22kilos, 52 cm high x 25 wide

If you would like to commission a horse head sculpture in glass please contact Jane

Commission for a Conference Dining Room in an Historic House.

10 Mar 2017
Commission for a Conference Dining Room in an Historic House. The Brief : A Table to seat 32 persons in comfort in a Jacobean Hall.

I designed, drew up, and adjusted to the wishes of the client, a working plan with the top and legs suitably scaled to be both strong and elegant. The surface was specified to be carefully coloured and adzed to create a subtle and warm aged effect to complement the ambiance of the hall and it’s huge historic fireplace and furnishings.

The solution agreed was for a 14’6” central refectory table with 20” extensions
flanked by two 48” pedestal tables, the tops connected by secret links to provide a continuous surface.
Specially sourced timber was located with fine figuring and grain, and length to make the enormous central table and the build began in January with a projected delivery in mid Febuary. The completed tables were duly delivered and assembled in the hall to absolute satisfaction of the client. They looked magnificent and a perfect solution for the space.

I have over twenty years experience specifying my range of tables, chairs and servers, interpreting clients’ needs and preferences within the context of their interiors, and enjoy the challenge of finding each unique design solution.

A New Oak Table For Christmas, An Abbott's Style Table

3 Jan 2017
A New Oak Table For Christmas, An Abbott's Style Table This 2.6m. table really optimises the flexibility of seating arrangements
with its' two 45cm. leaf extensions. It has been made to measure for a
London address and the colouring and adze textured top chosen
carefully to blend with the house's contemporary interior